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Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting Support

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"Each pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey is so incredibly unique. Whether it is your first baby or your sixth, I am passionate about meeting you right where you stand. Your beliefs and desires are centered in the physical, emotional, and informational support and guidance I provide."

"Once we were at the hospital, we were disheartened to learn that despite months of work our son was malpositioned (like our first). However, this time Jennese worked with my epidural to position me to encourage our son to move on his own. At one scary point, her quick thinking and expertise saved me from a potential emergency C-section. When it came time to push, I was able to do it on my terms in ways that felt natural. At my postpartum check-up my midwife described my delivery as "inspirational" and I honestly do not believe it would have been possible without Jennese's support, which continued postpartum with feeding recommendations and regular check-ins. We are so grateful to Jennese. If we are ever blessed with a 3rd child we will definitely seek out Jennese's doula services again."

- Tonya & Matt



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