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Doula Family

My Journey

My name is Jennese. Like so many entrepreneurs, I wear many hats and am called many things. Wife and mother are the titles most precious to me. I am also known as Godmother. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Crafter. Gardener. Disney Enthusiast. Advocate for Youth. Proud Resident of New Britain.Commissioner. PTA parent. Activist. Giver. Fighter. Respecter of faiths, cultures, traditions, and humans. Dabbler of herbs and essential oils. Craver of open spaces. Intuitive. Funny. Compassionate. Imperfect. Community Builder. Embracer of the hot mess. Fiercely loyal. Enjoyer of a well placed 4 letter word. Lover of coffee. Believer in grace and forgiveness. Blessed. Thankful.


  At 19 years old I supported my first birth.  It's fair to say that I knew very little about birth at the time. It was an eye opening experience to say the least. I left that hospital 23 years ago knowing a little something about labor and birth but more importantly, I left with this thought that had taken root deep inside of me.  That day I learned how truly powerful authentic unwavering support can be to anyone, but especially to a growing family. It would be 10 years before I would start my journey to become a doula and it was a slow start. I completed an invaluable apprenticeship. I read the books. I watched trends come and go. I supported family and friends in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I grew a beautiful family of my own with 6 babies earthside and 4 angel babies. I nursed and nourished them. I advocated for them and did all the things a parent is called to do. All the while, I waited, wondered, and day dreamed about being a doula. It wasn't until my own doula founded Birth Tribe (a collaborative of CT doulas) that I decided to have the courage to move past the waiting, wondering, and day dreaming. It has been an incredible journey. I am beyond thankful to be serving families as they begin a new chapter in their lives. Today, when I attend births, I come with a birth bag filled with all the things, the knowledge gained from other births, classes, and certifications, and the wisdom of my own births, but what I always rely heaviest on is my ability to provide families with authentic unwavering support.

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